Why are graduates paying ACCA tutors to prepare for exams and interviews?

We’ve learnt that graduates from London are flocking to online Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA tutors in order to help them not only pass the exam, but to also land jobs in top accounting businesses in the city. It’s becoming more popular for individuals who were tutored in school and university to use these services to get a head start in their careers before moving employers or submitting an internal promotion interview.

Graduates will typically pay more than £150 per hour for teaching in interviewing tactics, test days and psychometric screening, CV-writing, and elocution instruction, thanks to the rise of online tuition in the City. For British families of all ages, they have become “lifestyle accessories.” Even when their children aren’t having academic difficulties, parents use them. Students that do well in school will continue to use the resources as adults.

In addition to the well-known eleven plus, GCSE, and A-level tutoring, Nick Green, Managing Director of Spires Online Tutors, explained that the company is receiving regular requests to provide professional accounting tuition that specialises in Accounting qualifications such as AAT, ACCA (Association of Certified Accredited Accountants), ACT (Association of Corporate Treasurers), and ACA tests, which employees of top companies like PWC and Deloitte must be able to pass.

Spires, which has over 1000 tutors with impressive academic backgrounds, also offers tuition for the GMAT test, which is required for admission to MBA programmes, as well as the AIA (Association of International Accountants), ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians), AMBA (Association of MBAs), ABE (Association of Business Executives), and other official chartered certifications.

“When it comes to job interviews, job seekers want to impress employers, and the job market is growing more competitive in today ’s economy.” This is evidenced by an increase in the number of requests for interview support as well as tutoring requests from others who are already employed but require help to advance their careers.” Nick clarifies.

“Students who had the opportunity to work with us during their A-Level and undergraduate years are more inclined to seek our help when looking for work or when employed.”

Our clientele are not overly reliant on tutoring. They simply want to be at the top of their game and succeed in whatever they do.”

Maria McKenzie, a 45-year-old London tutor, is a regular mentor for people preparing for interviews at Goldman Sachs and PwC. Her expertise as a financial accountant spans over eight years with Deloitte and PwC in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Taiwan. Due to the length of my maternity leave with two children, I took an unplanned career hiatus a few years ago. During this period, I made the decision to begin teaching, and I’ve never looked back.

Ms McKenzie remarked that paying for an ACCA exam tutor as well as an interview tutor was “fair practise,” and that “twenty years ago you could have had a one-on-one interview, and today you can be put in a position where you have compete in a range of activities where they’re monitoring every move you make.”

We go over probable questions they may be asked, and the best approach to draw out personal skills, shortcomings, and strengths, and make them appear more credible,” she says of the support she gives young professionals who are having their first interviews at accounting and finance firms.

The majority of professional Maria coaches had tutoring during their years in secondary school and university. “Job seekers are concerned and stressed since the job market is tremendously competitive. I attempt to keep individuals calm by encouraging them to be more sure in themselves, their abilities, and their experiences.”

We’ve written in the previous few years on the concerns of private tutors becoming into “intellectual tools” for some youngsters, who then have problems with them later in life. This trend appears to support that viewpoint.

“A tutor who prioritises the student’s independence can teach children to view their tutor as a source of advice, rather than a foundation or a support system, if you will” Nick explains. ” The tutor should be an academic subject expert who can help the student begin to think of themselves as an expert in their field as well.

“Tutoring does not have to be an excuse to avoid work,” Nick continues “clients typically insist that tutors set high expectations for their students, in order to make them take responsibility and provide the methods to build self-confidence. A tutoring service that includes broad coaching elements can teach students essential life capabilities of self-confidence and self-management, as well as initiative, persistence, and planning that can help develop an approach that is independent both in academic and professional life. Find out how the tutoring services address these issues so that , in all, lessons can be beneficial across all aspects of life of the students, no matter the age of their students.”

This is all really educational. Let’s look at some of the most prevailing circumstances when an interview tutor would be a good fit:

  • The applicant is anxious about impending interviews:

It’s quite healthy to be a little nervous before an interview. It demonstrates that the individual is enthusiastic about the role and aims to achieve. If your ability to be clear and behave as you would normally in an interview is hampered by nerves, you should meet with an interview tutor. They will be able to help you in releasing tension and calming down before your interview.

  • Interviews are not being given to the candidate: 

Lack of polished interview technique could stymie those job offers. An interview tutor can help you identify areas where you can improve and develop these skills. When a person improves their interviewing skills, they may be able to take advantage of enhanced job opportunities.

  • The applicant has a great opportunity: 

In the case that a “dream job” chance crops up, a mentor may be required. Making an extra effort to prepare will help you create a strong impression on the employer of your dreams.

  • The applicant has never been interviewed previously, or hasn’t had one in a long time:

You may not have been invited to an interview in a long time if you’ve been at the same job for a long spell. For people wishing to make a career move, an interview consultant can help them enhance their interview techniques.

  • Candidates encounter challenges in finding work:

Large gaps between jobs, criminal records, and a job-hopping record are the most common impediments to employment. If you believe your personal circumstances will make it difficult for you to find work, it makes the task even harder. If that’s the case, an interview tutor can help. For instance, suppose a candidate was fired from their previous job. An interview coach may be able to offer advice on how to approach this during the interview.

  • A candidate is unable to negotiate better pay and conditions. 

If a person is having trouble negotiating the amount of compensation or benefits to which they believe they are entitled, Interview coaching will aid in the development of persuasion skills. They can assist the individual by providing sound counsel and effective approaches. The cost of employing trainers may be justified if they help you earn much more money.

  • The candidate is switching industries, sectors, or even fields and is having trouble promoting their skills: 

It’s possible that a move in industry will feel like starting over. However, the majority of people have transferable skills that will benefit them in finding a new career. Interview coaches can assist in identifying and highlighting transferable abilities in many ways that most of us have never considered.

The most effective technique to land the City accounting job you’ve always wanted is to be well-prepared for your interview and to present yourself in a polished and professional manner. It isn’t simple to pass the ACCA exam, so think about getting an online ACCA tutor.


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