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In 2011, the average make-up of a website company is probably vastly different that it was ten years ago. Just like every vehicle that is made now has far better features and more horsepower, every website firm has to improve its offerings but keep its costs at a manageable level for its clients. To achieve this, many companies are often made up of the following individuals:

Account Executive(s)

These individuals are the face of the company Web Design Kerry to the client. They manage the client, discuss new ideas and coordinate events such as meetings, deadlines, and overall goals. Account executives are excellent communicators and project managers.


These individuals create concept ideas to support campaign objectives, designs and visuals. Creative Directors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, and Interactive Designers are some of the individuals in this group. Every website agency should have very skilled designers in order to succeed.


Developers are the heart of the website enterprise. They are always behind the scenes making every idea work as intended. They are made up of Flash, HTML, PHP, Javascript, and.NET programmers to name a few. A website company might consist of about 2 to 3 developers, depending on the size of the company.


Online marketing is a great skill for a website team to acquire. However, this is the most rare skill-set in the industry. A good website company will have SEO specialists that can get their clients on the first page of Google. Some teams may have pay per click (PPC) specialists as well.

In a perfect world, a website company would have separate individuals performing these tasks. But, often a web company might have overlapping skills within their team. The most common overlap is that the account executive happens to also be the creative director. Or, a designer might know how to develop in HTML. But, essentially, a great website company will have at least 3 individuals with unique and separate skills.