How to Save Money Using Free Printable Calendars

If you’ve ever known employees that come to work late, seem to always miss appointments, or you know someone who’s plainly terrible at managing their time, then this article is for you. We’re going to discover how a printable calendar or calendar planner can make a HUGE difference to someone’s world, as long as they use it! 🙂

Obvious Tactic #1

One of the first things printable calendar  you can do, for that employee who always comes late, or your friend who can’t manage their time for anything, is to print out one of the many printable calendars you’ll find online. (Try searching for monthly calendars or weekly calendars).

Then, you take this calendar and put it right smack on their desk (or give it to them). But first, you’ll write a brief note with it, maybe something like… “thought this might help you out.” 🙂 Hopefully it’ll encourage them enough to start planning out their days, week or month more! But if that doesn’t work, here’s another tactic to use…

Reminder Tactic #2

This one involves actually give them a wall calendar or mini calendar, or, even better, a mini organizer – something that they can write in and physically USE to plan and organize their time. Tell them that they should carry their organizer with them at all times… and to use it on a daily basis!

There’s some great low priced organizers out there (you also call them business diaries or planning diaries) that make excellent gifts to give to a friend – especially one who desperately needs it!

Motivation Tactic #3

Thirdly, you can give them a ‘motivational’ style wall calendar or mini calendar. As you probably guessed, there’s no guarantee this type of calendar will make them better at managing their time… However it may motivate them, or the subtle fact you’re giving them a calendar to suggest they need to ‘get it together’ – might just be the fire they need to get started. 🙂

You can find motivational calendars everywhere online or off (local bookshop/calendar shop). Just do a search for ‘inspirational calendars’ or ‘motivational calendars.’