IPhone Cases – Protect Your Baby From Harm

In a world of hundreds of millions of iPhones, many people yearn to make their devices uniquely their own. While physical and online stores sell a variety of mass-manufactured iPhone cases, there is surely a better way to reach heightened individuality. Luckily, there are many ways to design your own iPhone case and avoid the pitfall of having an accessory that looks just like everyone else’s.

Designing an iPhone case takes a lot of luxury iphone case creativity, so the first step is to remove any perception of the limits of what can and cannot be used to cover an iPhone. The options exceed the standard plastic, fabric, and leather options hanging on the store racks. That being said, there are three easy places to start the brainstorming, and all three have legions of happy, devoted followers.

First, there are several online stores that let people choose a photograph to be printed on a plain iPhone case. These sites tend to have decent galleries of their own to choose from, and some even let users upload their own images. Users can even design physical artwork and scan it to the computer, or they can create a masterpiece by using graphics software. The possibilities are endless.

Second, there is a huge trend going on currently that uses low-cost, clear iPhone cases and transforms them into personalized pieces of art. All it takes is a few scrapbooking tools and a bit of creativity. Just grab some fabric, glitter, speciality ink, high-quality paper, clear-dry adhesives, and whatever else comes to mind. The outside of the case can be given an entirely new look and texture.

Alternatively, many people choose to remove the insert that comes with the iPhone case. Then they trace around it on several varieties of scrapbooking paper. This is an extremely affordable way to create several custom cases, because the fitted sheets of scrapbooking paper can be switched every day, and even throughout the day. Since every craft store has aisles devoted to scrapbooking paper, there are potentially thousands of different designs from which to choose. For the price of one ho-hum case, someone can create a dozen unique cases at home.

Third, some companies have created kits to help people cross-stitch their own cases. The benefit of this option is that cross-stitched cases have an awesome texture and just feel nicer than a lot of their plasticky counterparts. The cross-stitching also helps the owner keep a tight grip on the iPhone. These kits can be used to design something old-fashioned, modern, classy, cute, radical, and anything in between.