Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

Cobain settled on the name, because it was beautiful and pretty. The band music was categorized as Alternative rock. The group performed their first show, under the name Nirvana in March 1988.

The press described their music as grunge rock and was the first group, from America to achieve multiplatinum success. But, the band dissolved in 1994, after the death of Kurt Cobain. Kurt was the leader of the band. Cobain and Krist Novoselic knew each other in 1985. Both of them were ardent fans of the Melvin’s and they were interested, so much in creating their own band. Before Cobain and Krist Novoselic released their first album in 1989, they had previously worked, with different types of drummers such as Dan Peters, Aaron Buckhard and Dale Crover. The Nirvana released their first album known as the Bleach in 1989. This album was released by Sub Pop Records and the group sold more than forty thousand, copies in United States.

Jason Everman played a very important Columbarium Singapore role in the band, because he helped the group financially, in releasing their first album. Cobain requested Jason to play guitar, during the recording of the band first album. When the group, finished recording their first album, Jason started to have a contentious tenure with the band members, as a second player and was fired from the group.

In 1990, Cobain noticed that the group music was changing and he requested services of a producer known as Butch Vig. The first song that, the band released, was really angry but as the band, moved on with their music career, the other songs became poppier and poppier. Cobain and Novoselic were not happy, with the way Channing played the drums. Channing was also frustrated with the way; he was not actively involved in writing songs for the band. After the recording session was over, Channing decided to quit from the band.

Nirvana started their European tour in 1994. When the band went for a tour at terminal Eins in Germany, the leader of the band Kurt was diagnosed with bronchitis. The following day, the group was forced to cancel the show. When the band was in Rome, Cobain was found unconscious, in a hotel room and was quickly rushed to hospital. This forced the band to cancel, all the shows that they had planned in UK.

The following week, Kurt heroin addiction problems emerged. After this incident, Cobain admitted that he was addicted to drugs and was taken to a drug rehabilitation center. Cobain did not stay in the center for long; he escaped from the center and he went to Seattle. In April 1994, after going back to Seattle, Kurt was found dead in his home. The police said that, Cobain committed suicide and this effectively disbanded the band. After Nirvana dissolved, the other members in the band, moved on with their music career. Cobain, Grohl and Pat established another band, known as Foo Fighters.