The Meaning of Moles on the Face

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered about the different marks that punctuate the canvas of your face? Moles, often considered beauty spots, have historically been associated with a myriad of interpretations, from the mystery of one’s personality to the secrets of the stars.

Moles on the Face & Moleosophy

Moleosophy is an ancient study that links moles on our body to our personality, fate, and imprints from our previous life. These little marks could hint at good or bad karma or tell tales of our past and future. So, let’s dive deep and understand what each mole could possibly indicate.

Mole on top of the head

If you have a mole on the very top of your head, it signifies good luck! It’s almost as if destiny chose you to save the day. But be wary – for immense bad luck can sometimes follow.

Mole on the Cheek

A mole on the cheek might suggest that you could face a lawsuit. This position could also mean you are a self-centred person with an intense focus on your thoughts.

However, this intense focus can be a double-edged sword, leading you to accomplish chores with great efficiency but potentially making you introverted. Beware of an unplanned spending spree, and try to keep things balanced!

Mole on the Forehead

Positioned on the forehead, a mole can symbolise average luck. You might have weak connections and find yourself needing to reside away from home.

Although you may experience a hard personal life, wealth could be in your favour, presenting good luck in money matters. Such individuals are often calm, wise, and insightful, but may show shades of a selfish personality, short temper, or come across as a dominating person. Always be logical and mindful, as this placement makes you influential.

Mole on the Chin

Moles on the chin hint at stability and affection in one’s life. They signify you as a great opportunist but also bring with them frustrations and tension.

Perhaps you’re a travel freak, yearning for exploration, and have a diplomatically strong persona. People with these moles tend to be public-spirited, organised, and face certain difficulties in life. But on the bright side? They often have healthy kids!

Mole on the Eyelids and Eyebrows

A mole on the eyelids signifies someone who is blunt and brutally honest. Meanwhile, a mole between the eyebrows points to promotion and development in one’s professional life, emotional issues, but also the potential for wealth, abundance, and fame.

Having a mole on the eyebrows speaks of longevity, wealth, and good luck. Such individuals are often responsible and may own a permanent house, though they may experience romantic setbacks, worries from children issues, or even a divorce. Financial prospects are generally positive, but they may be unlucky in certain deeds and works.

Mole on the Outer Corner of the Eye

Having a mole here makes one a charming person, but they might face multiple marriages and love and relationship challenges.

Mole on the Nose

A mole on the nose represents someone who is impulsive and witty. Their sensuality might sometimes make them come across as a frivolous person, but they often see career development due to their strong adaptability.

Moles Around the Mouth

Moles above or below the mouth can hint at the possibility of having twin babies. These people might face issues with women, or unresolved issues with spouses. On the upside, they lead a spiritual life full of abundance. A mole on the lips suggests a sentimental, family-oriented individual who is a big foodie and popular with the opposite sex.

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Moles on the Ears, Neck, and Temples

A mole on the ear speaks of good fortune and personal wealth but might hint at a wayward persona and a poor bond with parents. However, luxury, intellect, and wit are your strengths.

Moles on the temples could mean speech and health-related problems, but you likely manage situations well. Moles on the neck? They point towards patience, intelligence, and the drive to fulfil dreams.

Such a person often has a melodious voice but can be aggressive. They might see sudden gains and have a beautiful partner. Travelling profits and the potential for business outside your homeland are also suggested.

Mole on the Tongue

Finally, a mole on the tongue represents someone with strong persuasion and gabbing power but might be a bit anti-social. They tend to settle well post-marriage.


So, the next time you find yourself gazing at that mole on your face, remember that it could be whispering tales of your personality, past, and what the future holds. Moles are more than just beauty marks; they’re a roadmap to understanding ourselves better. Whether you believe in astrology or simply find these interpretations amusing, they offer a unique perspective on the age-old quest of self-discovery.